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Zoli's "time" came yesterday. His condition progressed over the weekend to where he could barely drag his swollen belly behind him, and when he did, his head bobbled in a sort of disoriented fashion. We probably should have had it done Monday, but going through that alone is shit, and I didn't think Jeff would be able to leave work early. And he (Zoli) wasn't SOOOO bad that waiting was too selfish...only moderately.

Our other two ferrets died at home, so Zoli was the first to go to the vet for...death. The way they do small exotics is different, and actual far preferable. Because there is no good vein access, they have to administer the fatal dose of whatever directly to the heart, so they anesthetize the animal first. The family is given the choice of staying for the injection, or only waiting for him to fall asleep. I opted to leave before the injection. I have a huge problem with *anything* dead, especially something/someone I love(d). I hate "viewings" of passed loved ones - I don't want the dead coffin-enclosed body as my last image. And I hate having to see that for my pets, too. It's SOOOOO much better (for me, anyway) to just see the animal "go to sleep", give him/her a last petting, before he/she is actually DEAD. With the dogs and the cat, I vacated as soon as death was confirmed - I don't understand anyone who wants to hang around for another half hour crying and mourning over a lifeless corpse. I sure don't need *that* running through my head.

I would seriously pay extra to have it done that way with all of my animals in the future. I don't think it makes a difference in comfort level of the animal, and it sure would ease my discomfort. I mean, the last time I saw Zoli he was alive. And that's awesome, for me.