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(One of) The worst thing(s) about knowing Zoli's end is rapidly approaching is that, aside from his swollen abdomen, he seems completely normal and healthy. His hair is growing back, his adrenal-related skin issued have improved, and he prances around like any other happy elderly ferret, crashing after "only" 2 hours. I sincerely hope that he remains as such until the very last day, and that he doesn't have a slow decline, leaving me to guess day-to-day if it's time yet. He's so puffy that he had trouble getting into his Fun-nel tube this morning. Poor guy, he made it through
We've already begun the hunt for a fresh ferret. After the recent pricey emergencies and surgeries drained half of our saved resources...it just seems logical. We'd decided against future cats eons ago - they're just so destructive. PJ (ferret) is just over 2 yrs old now, though, and it just doesn't seem fair to leave him without a cagemate for 5 years. So we'll get one more ferret, who, ideally, will be 5 when PJ dies, and won't want kit messing with him/her anyway.

PS: remind me to never try to update this from my phone. Ever. What a royal effing pain...