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Reading is soooo 20th Century...

Prior to last month, I cannot remember the last time I read an entire book. As a child, I was a voracious reader, preferring books to television all summer long. Early adulthood still allowed for some reading time. More recently, however, the only time I ever had to read was while Jeff was "producing" our songs...which was pre-2003.

We started making music again last month. And while I absolutely love the music part, I am thankful to again have time for reading.

I started with easy fluff - one of my old faves, "Julie" by Catherine Marshall. I'd recommended it to my sister just a few weeks earlier, and it's far from a difficult read.

Today I finished another of my all-time favorites, "Cry to Heaven" by Anne Rice.

She pretty much dominates my bookshelf. But I most love her non-vampire books.

Anyway, happy to be reading again.

Ill probably go for "Feast of All Saints" or "The Witching Hour" next.

Or maybe "The Thorn Birds"...love Sydney Penny...oh wait, that's the movie...