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Reading sofullofsleep's entry about her uncle reminded me a lot of Mike.

I met Mike not long after Jeff hired him at Holiday Isle. We discovered that he was sleeping on a bench behind the Islamorada AA house, and Jeff invited him to stay with us until he could get things together and get a place.

He was probably barely a year sober at that point. He'd been an alcoholic for years, while working for the Boca Raton PD. He told tales of sex in patrol cars and splitting up the take from drug bust among deputies ("half to us, half to evidence"). He was fired following a domestic dispute with his (second) wife during which he brandished his service weapon.

He lived with us for just a few months before getting his own apartment. He replaced alcohol with mysticism. He traded his Mitsubishi, for which he was still paying, for our ancient maroon car inherited from Jeff's grandfather - one of those old-folk long boat-sized cars.

This was in the mid 90s.

Mike moved back to Boca in the late 90s and got into cycling.

Jeff and I moved back to West Palm in '99. We kept putting off meeting up with Mike. While cleaning out the Mitsubishi one day, we found a Zippo inscribed with the word "Hammer", Mike's police force nickname. We intended to give it back to him when we finally did meet up. Jeff continued to receive Mike's daily inspirational emails until a friend messaged about Mike's death.

Mike was killed in late 2002-early 2003 when he was hit by a car while cycling around Lake Okeechobee.

He had two estranged teenage children from his first marriage. I always hope he was able to reconnect with them before his death.

These are links to a couple of his online legacies:

Mike's personal page

Mike was an avid reader. His reviews are here.

He was also an audiophile. This is his home system.


Dec. 24th, 2010

Dear Dermtillomanic Self,

Stop. Your left heel is already gonna hurt like hell tomorrow. Just stop.

Love, the Rational Me


I had a dream last night that a friend brought her ferrets over. I was going to let mine out to frolick with hers. I asked if she thought she'd know her own albino vs. mine, and she wasn't sure. We each held our albinos, and they looked exactly the same, down to the Marshall Farms tattoos. I finally figured out something by which to differentiate - Zoli's 9my albino's) nails were too long.

I'm a bad ferret mom.

Writer's Block: Redo

If there was something you could change about your past, what would it be?
Regrets are pointless. Learn from it and move on.


updating from my phone sucks, and i'm not gonna go back and correct every typo. or ANY typos, really. :)

Writer's Block: More than words

Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

There are two that I immediately think of:

"I Will Remember You" by Amy Grant - brings back memories of a particularly painful breakup,


"Here and Now" by Client - reminiscent of a very strange period in my current relationship.


I aboslutely CAN NOT STAND the sound of someone hard-core gulping a drink, or the completely unstifled burp that follows.

On another only vaguely-related note, milk is disgusting. I have always thought so.

Who likes the 80's?

I'm playing 80's all night tonight at Propaganda!

(Does anyone still use LJ?)
would have sworn I woke up to Spot making her dream noises today. :(
Someone I read mentioned that she read a missionary's blog, and came out with the words to live by:

"1. Never allow yourself to complain about anything not even the weather.

2. Never picture yourself in any other circumstance or someplace else.

3. Never allow yourself to wish this or that had been otherwise.

4. Never dwell on tomorrow-remember that tomorrow is God's, not ours."

ummmm...worst advice EVER!!! ?

1. Okay, sure, don't wallow and gripe and moan about things you aren't going to try to change, but hell, if you don't complain and vent and release...how will anyything ever be different? I guess we're just all supposed to accept our "lots in life" and deal with what "God" has handed us. Even if we ourselves played a major role in making it all happen.

2. DO...NOT...DREAM...!!!!!! WTF? Yeah, don't hope for anything better, just deal with crap and know it will be like this always.

3. Eh...well...okay, because that's really not productive. But you can at least take it in and learn and know you can make it better.

4. No, really, don't bother planning at all, because your plans will all be washed away by "God"'s divine will. We should probably all just sit in silence waiting for "God" to tell us what to do. Hey, if I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow, "God" will tell me to go, right? And if I need to feed the dogs tomorrow? Well, I sure hope "God" tells me to go to the pet food store today!