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Wednesday was BeeBee's (BKA Anus, Smooth Anus, Party Anus) recheck for her thyroid condition. Everything on that front is good news. However, she has an rapidly-progressing inoperable tumor somewhere in her nasal cavity. Dr. Russo estimates a month at the most.

Friday Zoli had a seriously distended abdomen. I suspected another prostatic cyst or something else related to his recent adrenal surgery. Nope. Fluid build-up due to inoperable right adrenal tumor wrapping around or invading the whatever vena cava. Dr. Russo guesses less than two weeks.

With humans, you put them in the hospital, drug 'em up on painkillers, and wait for them to die on their own. Every day with dying pets is a death watch - is he/she uncomfortable enough to...not justify...I can't think of the right word...warrant? putting him/her to sleep?

The cat it over 18 years old. Certainly not unexpected that she would die soon, and she's been around a long damn time.

Zoli...he's a 7-yr-old ferret. That's way elderly in ferret years, the max of their typical lifespan. But it seems so young. Seven years just isn't a really long time for a mammal to live, ya' know?

It's just so fucking hard...


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Sep. 25th, 2011 04:48 pm (UTC)
I am so sorry. <3
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