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Zoli's "time" came yesterday. His condition progressed over the weekend to where he could barely drag his swollen belly behind him, and when he did, his head bobbled in a sort of disoriented fashion. We probably should have had it done Monday, but going through that alone is shit, and I didn't think Jeff would be able to leave work early. And he (Zoli) wasn't SOOOO bad that waiting was too selfish...only moderately.

Our other two ferrets died at home, so Zoli was the first to go to the vet for...death. The way they do small exotics is different, and actual far preferable. (Details...)Collapse )


Oct. 15th, 2011

Very glad PJ and Fresh Goat are getting along and playing.

No name yet. Jeff suggested "Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo", but it's so damn long, and you can't really make a nickname out of "Guy".

Zoli's still kickin', too. He's only got about 20 minutes of running around in him, but he still pops up ready to go when the cage door opens.
(One of) The worst thing(s) about knowing Zoli's end is rapidly approaching is that, aside from his swollen abdomen, he seems completely normal and healthy. His hair is growing back, his adrenal-related skin issued have improved, and he prances around like any other happy elderly ferret, crashing after "only" 2 hours. I sincerely hope that he remains as such until the very last day, and that he doesn't have a slow decline, leaving me to guess day-to-day if it's time yet. He's so puffy that he had trouble getting into his Fun-nel tube this morning. Poor guy, he made it through
We've already begun the hunt for a fresh ferret. After the recent pricey emergencies and surgeries drained half of our saved resources...it just seems logical. We'd decided against future cats eons ago - they're just so destructive. PJ (ferret) is just over 2 yrs old now, though, and it just doesn't seem fair to leave him without a cagemate for 5 years. So we'll get one more ferret, who, ideally, will be 5 when PJ dies, and won't want kit messing with him/her anyway.

PS: remind me to never try to update this from my phone. Ever. What a royal effing pain...
Wednesday was BeeBee's (BKA Anus, Smooth Anus, Party Anus) recheck for her thyroid condition. Everything on that front is good news. However, she has an rapidly-progressing inoperable tumor somewhere in her nasal cavity. Dr. Russo estimates a month at the most.

Friday Zoli had a seriously distended abdomen. I suspected another prostatic cyst or something else related to his recent adrenal surgery. Nope. Fluid build-up due to inoperable right adrenal tumor wrapping around or invading the whatever vena cava. Dr. Russo guesses less than two weeks.

With humans, you put them in the hospital, drug 'em up on painkillers, and wait for them to die on their own. Every day with dying pets is a death watch - is he/she uncomfortable enough to...not justify...I can't think of the right word...warrant? putting him/her to sleep?

The cat it over 18 years old. Certainly not unexpected that she would die soon, and she's been around a long damn time.

Zoli...he's a 7-yr-old ferret. That's way elderly in ferret years, the max of their typical lifespan. But it seems so young. Seven years just isn't a really long time for a mammal to live, ya' know?

It's just so fucking hard...
What was the best gift you’ve ever received? Who was it from and what was the occasion?

The best gift I ever received was not intended as a gift, but as a piece of advice.  In fact, it was probably a criticism, but it definitely changed my approach to life.

In 10th or 11th grade, a friend asked, "Why do you always walk with your head down, looking at the ground?  It's like you don't want anyone to talk to you."

I don't now.

Reading is soooo 20th Century...

Prior to last month, I cannot remember the last time I read an entire book. As a child, I was a voracious reader, preferring books to television all summer long. Early adulthood still allowed for some reading time. More recently, however, the only time I ever had to read was while Jeff was "producing" our songs...which was pre-2003.

We started making music again last month. And while I absolutely love the music part, I am thankful to again have time for reading.

I started with easy fluff - one of my old faves, "Julie" by Catherine Marshall. I'd recommended it to my sister just a few weeks earlier, and it's far from a difficult read.

Today I finished another of my all-time favorites, "Cry to Heaven" by Anne Rice.

She pretty much dominates my bookshelf. But I most love her non-vampire books.

Anyway, happy to be reading again.

Ill probably go for "Feast of All Saints" or "The Witching Hour" next.

Or maybe "The Thorn Birds"...love Sydney Penny...oh wait, that's the movie...


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Ethan Earl Hutton
August 12, 1988 - February 1, 2003

Still miss you, E.


How to Know You're Old

Do you have to tilt your head waaaaaaaaaaaay back to clearly read the screen while you're wearing your glasses?

Yeah, you're old, too.

I sooooooo want multi-focal contact lenses; I haven't had an eye exam in eleven years...

Create! (swirly logo)

You know how so many shows on PBS' Create channel are RichKids jetsetting around the world - visiting, eating, riding horses, cooking - and filming it, then selling the video?

Well, I'm not rich, so I'll need funding, but I'm gonna travel around the world looking for the best vegetarian food in a country, film it, then sell the video to fund my next vegetarian culinary adventure.

Not really, but it sounds nice.